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North Carolina

Virtual Legislative Day


May 19, 2010

Valid Until May 20, 2010

Anyone can help

    Tell your personal library story.

    Send published articles about your library.

    Tell a friend so that every legislator receives five emails, phone calls or letters from your library.

How to Contact

Find your NC Representative

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Thanks to our colleagues in  the Maryland Library Association for their story prompts.

How to use the Sample Message

         Use the attached email to cut and paste, then customize your own message or story.

         Send to your Senator and Representative.


Contact Your Legislator

Our challenging economic times make libraries an even more valuable resource, as evidenced by the increased use of libraries. Now more than ever, it is important for our state senators and representatives to understand the real value of North Carolina Libraries. 

Please contact your legislators and let them know the value of your library and the necessity of maintaining stable state funding for our public libraries.

How to participate

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You can participate in Virtual Library Legislative Day!

Participating Virtually: Take the time to contact your state senator and representative. Tell them about the incredible services your library provides.  Ask your Friends, Trustees and elected officials to call, email or write by

May 19, 2010.

Every Story Has An Impact!

Sample Messages and Stories

Dear (insert your legislators name),

I am a (Trustee, Friend, Customer, or Concerned Citizen) for the (insert your library name).  Our library is busier than ever.  The resources they provide are important and vital to our citizens as they look for work.  In fact, I have used the Job Career Accelerator resource to help my college age child to look for a job.

State funding is critical for my library to continue the good work they do.  Please maintain level funding for our library.  Thank you.

(Your Name)


Stories that may apply to you

My library...

  • Enables an unemployed person to search for a job;
  • Aids a homeless family or individual;
  • De-mystifies the Internet for a newly unemployed person;
  • Gives access to a critical article for a college student's thesis;
  • Assists a student struggling with literacy;
  • Makes available needed books and materials in support of a teacher's curriculum;
  • Provides library services to the homebound;
  • Supports an adult learner’s work leading to success in their courses and in a new career;
  • Assists a veteran with an on-line job search and finding a job;
  • Supplies books and information needed for a student's research paper;
  • Offers access to an online practice exam that helps someone obtain a job certification.
  • Add a story particular to your library.


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