Sheet 1: 2011

Year 2011 Counties, Municipalities and Regionals represented
Officers & Executive Board

President Karen Foss Catawba County
Vice President / President Elect Robert Busko / Carol Wilson Haywood County / Cleveland County
Secretary Ginny Orvedahl Halifax County
Treasurer Louise Humphrey Appalachian Regional
County Representative Jody Risacher Cumberland County
Municipal Representative Jeff Watson Roanoke Rapids Public
Regional Representative Daphne Childres Nantahala Regional
Past President Mike Taylor Pender County
State Librarian Mary Boone

State Library Commission Dan Barron 2009-2013 AMY Regional

Harry Tuchmayer 2010-2014 New Hanover County

Mary Sizemore 2011-2015 Hickory Public / High Point Public beginning in October

NCLIVE (PAC) Becky Callison

Tresia Dodson

NCLIVE (RAC) Linda Raymond


Archives Martha Schatz, Chrm., Becky Callison, Daphne Childres and Margaret Marshall

Awards Tina Stepp, Chrm., Melanie Holles, MJ Goodrum, Becky Callison, Philip Cherry and

Jane Blackburn

Broadband Task Force Dan Barron, Chrm., Michael Roche

"Green" Task Force Dan Barron, Chrm., Kathleen Phillips

Hospitality Ed Sheary, Chrm., Sylvia Spirnkle-Hamlin, MJ Goodrum, Margaret Marshall, Jody Risacher,

and Mary Sizemore

Legislative Greg Needham & Mary Sizemore, Co. Chrms., Robert Busko, Mike Taylor, Jackie Beach,

Mary Boone, Louise Humphrey and Harry Tuchmayer

Legislative Sub-Committee Carol Wilson, Chrm., Sharon Stack

Membership Jody Risacher & Lynn Thompson Co. Chrms., Mike Taylor, Margaret Marshall, Dana Eure,

Jeff Watson and Agnes Ho

Nominating Mike Taylor, Chrm., Cindy Moose, Margaret Marshall and Lynn Thompson

Program Robert Busko, Chrm., Jody Risacher, Philip Cherry, Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin and Jay Stephens

Website Development & Ruth Ann Copley, Chrm.,

Location of meetings Atlantic Beach, Sheraton March 17 - 18

Blowing Rock, Meadowbrook Inn August 24-26

Greensboro, Sheraton at Four Seasons December 1-2

Awards presented Library Director of the Year Ed Sheary, Asheville-Buncombe County

Library Friend Gloria Winzenread, Cabarrus County

Distinguished Library Service Frannie Ashburn, State Library

Lifetime Achievement Melanie Collins, Harnett County; Kem Ellis, High Point Public;

Jeanne Fox, Vance County and Jane Rustin, Wayne County

Library Trustee Peter Madsen, Sandhills Regional

Outstanding Adult program

Large Rowan County - "Through a Soldier's Eyes: Remembering


Medium Calwell County - "Movies with Mike Movie Club"

Outstanding Young Adult program

Large Cumberland County - "Parents & Teens: Let's Talk About It

Health & Safety Speaker series"

Outstanding Children's program

Large Rowan County - "JR Adventure Club"

Medium Hickory Public - "Where in the World is Lucy"

Small Southern Pines Public - "GIS day"

Outstanding Service Innovation

Large Wake County - "Building a Digital Library"

Medium Cleveland County - "Breaking New Ground"

Small Mauney Memorial (King's Mountain) - "Register Online! For

Summer Reading"

Outstanding Staff Development

Large Cumberland County - "WOW! Word of Mouth Works Wonders!"

Medium Caldwell County - "CCPL Staff Site"

Outstanding Promotional Project

Large Henderson County - "Create Your Own Story @ Your Library"

Outstanding Facility

Under 10,000 sq. ft. Cumberland County - West Regional Branch

Charlotte - Mecklenburg - Beatties Ford Road Branch


26,000 + sq. ft. Fontana Regional - Jackson County

Asheville-Buncombe County - Pack Memorial (Main Library)


Cabarrus County - Charles A. Cannon Memorial (Concord)


Topics of Concern Louise Humphrey is seeking to form an Audit Committee and she will be appointing people

willing to serve

Donations from "Friends" groups across the state are going well and we should have no

trouble paying our lobbyist, Theresa Kostrzewa ,of North State Strategies, the minimum of


and can possiblity get closer to her price of $30,000

Dan Barron reported that the NCPLDA 501 ( C ) application was submitted in August 2010.

Martha Schatz gave an update on the Archives. Photos for the organization are being labeled

and she introduced the idea of libraries submitting a history of their library directors, along

with photos, if available for the NCPLDA website

Lynn Thompson and Jody Risacher of the Membership Committee have defined the mission

of the committee with a focus on supporting and staying in contact with new directors

Mike Taylor, from the Nominating Committee reported that Mary Sizemore and Harry

Tuchmayer will serve on the State Library Commission

Tim Rogers from NCLIVE would like the Nominating Committee to nominate a person for the

publicity advisory commmitee

Ruth Ann Copley needs more input from NCPLDA committees as to their functions so she

can post it on the NCPLDA website

Sirsi-Dynix presentation by Zuanarda Causey, senior sales consultant

OCLC program "From Awareness to Funding" and "Geek the Library Campaign"

presented by Jenny Johnson, executive directorof branding and marketing

Program by Tim Bucknell, assistant dean of UNC-Greensboro Dept. of Library and Information

Studies; "Leadership in Troubled Times"

All directors urged to become members of NCLA

Joe Fredosso, president of MCNC, presented the current workings and plans for the NC

Research and Education Network (NCREN)

Greg Needham, Chairman of the Legislative Committee, announced upcoming joint meetings

of State-Aid and DCR to be held next week and he needed representation from Onslow,

Franklin, Halifax and Nash counties in particular, and any other library director who would

like to attend

Greg announced that Legislative Day had gone well and many key contacts were made

A special telephone meeting of the Nominating Committee was called within 30 days of

Robert Busko's resignation from Haywood County. Carol Wilson, of Cleveland County, was

nominated to take his place as president elect of NCPLDA for 2012. The Executive

Committee voted unanimously to appoint Carol to the position.

Jorie Frazier, of the US Census Bureau in Charlotte, spoke about changes in NC census data

Regional library systems must update their regional agreements and requirements for the

finance officer by September 2012

The new LSTA plan starts in June 2012

The State Library will no longer bill libraries for ILL services. OCLC will invoice libraries directly

Preperation underway for 501( c )4 nonprofit status filing

Federal nonprofit status required a re-writing of the NCPLDA By-Laws

MCNC is making progess on fiber construction

There is a new Overdrive Audio and E-book Consortium of 15-16 members with under

100,000 population

A presentation by James Keller "Using Performance Metrics for Greater Success"

New By-Laws were proposed due to the 501 C (4) status application

Cleveland County, Kings Mountain Public and Davidson County migrate from Sirsi/Dynix to

NC Cardinal

Almost half of the library systems did not meet MOE this year due to disasterous economy

State Library has lost 11 positions and taken a 13% hit to State-Aid

A presentation by Catherine Hakula-Ausperck "How to Be a Great Boss"

Mary Boone bids farewell to NCPLDA

Treasurer's report Balance as of 11/29/11: $112,888.42

New Directors this year Jane McAllister, Davie County; Elizabeth Watson, Duplin County; Jonathan Wark, East

Albemarle; Cindy Nanney, Polk County; Ross Holt, Randolph County; Sharon Woodrow,

Haywood County; Jay Stephens, Vance County; Laura Crooks, Alexander County; Mary Sizemore,

High Point Public; Cheryl Reddish, Warren County; Sallie Klipp, Madison County; Catherine (Catie)

Roche, Robeson County; Donna Phillips, Wayne County

Interim Directors this year Lorrie Russell, High Point; David Singleton, Charlotte-Mecklenburg County; Bob Fisher,

Robeson County; Molly Westmoreland, Appalachian Regional

Directors who resigned Robert Busko, Haywood County; Tina Stepp, Robeson County; Phalbe Henriksen, Alexander

County; Charles Brown, Charlotte-Mecklenburgy County

Retired Directors this year Mary Boone, State Librarian; Maryjane Carbo, BHM Regional; Kem Ellis, High Point Public;

Jane Rustin, Wayne County and Jeannie Fox, Vance County

Temporary Directors Carolyn Cobb Oakley filling in for Megin Chapman, Farmville Library

Sheet 2: 2012

Year 2012 Counties, Municipalities and Regionals represented
Officers & Executive Board

President Carol Wilson Cleveland County
Vice President / President Elect Ruth Ann Copley Davidson County
Secretary Elizabeth House McDowell County
Treasurer Louise Humphrey Appalachian Regional
County Representative Becky Callison Wilson County
Municipal Representative Lynn Thompson Southern Pines Public
Regional Representative Jackie Beach Craven-Pamlico-Carteret Regional
Past President Karen Foss Catawba County
State Librarian Caroline Sheppard

State Library Commission Dan Barron 2009-2013 AMY Regional

Harry Tuchmayer 2010-2014 New Hanover County

Mary Sizemore 2011-2015 High Point Public

LSTA Advisory Committee Cal Shepard, Chrm., David Singleton, Becky Callison,Jane Blackburn, and Anna Yount

Public Advisory Committee (PAC) Becky Callison Wilson County

Tresia Dodson Granville County

Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) Linda Raymond Charlotte-Mecklenburg County


Archives Martha Schatz, Chrm., Becky Callison, Daphne Childres, Margaret Marshall and Cindy Nanney

Awards Melanie Holles, Chrm., MJ Wilkerson, Becky Callison, Philip Cherry, and Jane Blackburn

Broadband Task Force Dan Barron, Chrm., Sharon Woodrow, Kim Garmon and Catie Roche

"Green" Task Force Dan Barron, Chrm., and Jody Risacher

Hospitality Ed Sheary, Chrm., MJ Wilkerson, Jody Risacher, Margaret Marshall and Dan Barron

Legislative Jody Risacher, Chrm., Ross Holt, Mike Taylor, Jackie Beach, Harry Tuchmayer,

Louise Humphrey and Cal Shepard

Legislative Day Carol Walters, Chrm.

Membership Jody Risacher, Co.Chrm., Lynn Thompson Co. Chrm., Mike Taylor, Jeff Watson,

Margaret Marshall, Dana Eure and Agnes Ho

Nominating Karen Foss Chrm., Lynn Thompson, Cindy Moose and Margaret Marshall

Programs Ruth Ann Copley, Chrm., Jody Risacher, Philip Cherry, Jane McAllister and Jay Stephens

Website Development Ruth Ann Copley, Chrm., Carol Walters and Karen Wallace

Location of meetings Wrightsville Beach March 29-30

Asheville, Renaissance Hotel August 16-17

Wintson-Salem December 6-7

Awards presented Library Director of the Year Dana Eure, Cabarrus County

Library Friend Gloria Watkins, H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library (Vance Co.)

Distinguished Library Service Beaux Foy, Singer who was the celebrity spokesperson for the

NC Smartest Card campaign

Lifetime Achievement Mary Boone, State Library; MJ Carbo, Beaufort-Hyde-Martin

Regional; and Suzanne C. Tate, Randolph County

Library Champions Mike Downs, Cabarrus County Manager, Liz Poole, Jay White,

& Bob Carruth, Cabarrus County Commissioners

Library Trustee Mary Catherine "Kitty" Bass, Duplin County

Outstanding Adult program

Large Forsyth County, "Books for Dudes"

Medium Orange County, "Where Do You Get Your Ideas?"

Small McDowell County, "Woven Together"

Outstanding Young Adult program

Large Fontana Regional, "Steampunk Jewelry & Creations"

Medium Braswell Memorial Public, "Young Adult Summer Tutorial"

Small Roanoke Rapids Public, "Teen Book Club"

Outstanding Children's program

Large Cumberland County, "Rhythm & Rhyme"

Medium Cawtawba County, "Battle of the Books Jamboree"

Small Rutherford County, "Reading for Africa"

Outstanding Promotional Project

Large Cumberland County, "We Mean Business Electronic Newsletter"

Medium Transylvania County, "Library Patron Survey"

Outstanding Service Innovation

Medium Stanly County, "Library-Museum Merger"

Outstanding Staff Development Program

Large Cumberland County, "E-readers for Everyone"

Outstanding Facility under 10,000 sq. ft.

Newly constructed

Northwestern Regional, East Bend Public

Newly leased

Catawba County, Conover Branch

Newly remodeled

Avery, Mitchell, Yancey Regional, Yancey County Public

Outstanding Facility 10,000 - 25,999 sq. ft.

Lincoln County, Charles R. Jonas Branch

Topics of Concern State Library subscribes to Libguides for one year

Davie County and Fontana Regional are now on NC Cardinal

Tanya Prokrym has been hired as the NC Cardinal Data Specialist

NCPLDA Executive Board rules that libraries must pay membership dues to take advantage of

NCPLDA discounts and services

David Moore, Senior Project Architect of McMillan, Pazdan & Smith presented a program on

"Rethinking Existing Space"

Charlotte/Mecklenburg has hired a new CEO over the Public Library of Charlotte/Mecklenburg

which sets a dangerous precedent

Emily Guhde, an intern at NCLIVE presented a program on "The Value of Online Resources to

NC Public Library Patrons"

Open Library project continues to add books to the collection

Legislative Day is June 13th

Mentoring program has been established through the Membership Committee

Ashlee Clark, Executive Secretary to the State Librarian of Ohio and Marsha McDevitt-

Stredney, Marketing & Communications Director of the State Library of Ohio

presented a program on "Library Snapshot Day"

John Lemmon presented program on "The Ready Animator"

Dr. James H. Johnson, Jr. from UNC-Chapel Hill presented a program on

"Demgraphic trends and what effect they will have on education and economics in North


New Public Library Standards discussion, State Library wants feedback on implementation

of these standards

State Library loses $350,759 in state funding

The Government & Heritage Library offers CINCH, for digital preservation

NCpedia has been updated

Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped is trying to recruit new users

New high school yearbook digitzation

North Carolina newspaper digitization project

Literary map of North Carolina

Change in LSTA grants

Libguides are popular

NCLIVE making changes to their offerings

Sponser presentation by Kathie Graham of "Collection HQ"

DCR Transition Board has met, Linda Carlisle, Secretary of DCR is leaving

MOE, LSTA, Ncpedia, News & Observer, NCKids discussed

NCLIVE legacy reviewed, changes to be made based on feedback from member libraries

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 will be Legislative Day

Treasurer's report Balance as of 12/4/2012: $146.179.09

New Directors David R. Miller, Farmville; Molly Westmoreland, Appalachian Regional;

Susan Benning, BHM Regional; David Singleton, Charlotte/Mecklenburg; David Miller, Farmville;

Alana Fisher, Nashville; Jesse Gibson, Sandhills Regional; Jennifer Sackett, Lincoln County;

Rhonda Griffin, Caswell County; Christy Bonday, Person County

Directors who retired Carol Walters, Sandhills Regional; Jackie Beach, Craven-Pamlico-Carteret Regional;

Sandy Neerman, Greensboro; Kay Davis, Pettigrew Regional, Kathleen Thompson, Chapel Hill


Directors who resigned Cathey Clifton, Harnett County

Interim Directors Hilda Lane, BHM Regional; Brian Booth, Nashville Public; Brigitte Blanton, Greensboro Public;

Susan Simpson , CPC Regional; and director of Carteret County Library

Sheet 3: 2013

Year 2013 Counties, Municipalities and Regionals represented

Officers & Executive Board

President Ruth Ann Copley Davidson County

Vice President / President Elect Jody Risacher Cumberland County

Secretary Dana Eure Cabarrus County

Treasurer Margaret Marshall Johnston County and Smithfield

County Representative Holt Kornegay Franklin County

Municipal Representative Louise Humphrey Hickory Public

Regional Representative Molly Westmoreland/ Karen Wallace Appalachian Regional / Fontana Regional

Past President Carol Wilson Cleveland County

State Library Commission Dan Barron 2009-2013 AMY Regional

Harry Tuchmayer 2010-2014 New Hanover County

Mary Sizemore 2011-2015 High Point Public

NCLIVE Committees

Digital Services Advisory (DSAC) Ruth Ann Copley, Chrm., Kenneth Young, Kyle Thomas

Librarians Council Greg Needham

Outreach Promotions & Partnership Becky Callison, Dana Eure and Tresia Dodson

Advisory (OPPAC) )

Resource Advisory (RAC) Ruth Ann Copley, Linda Raymond, Jimi Ryder

Website Adviosry Committee Jennifer Sackett

NCPLDA Committees

Archives Martha Schatz, Chrm., Margaret Marshall, and Cindy Nanney

Awards Melanie Holles, Chrm., MJ Wilkerson, Becky Callison, Donna Phillips, Jane Blackburn,