NCPLDA Officers and Committee Members 2018

NCPLDA Committees
Awards Donna Phillips -chair
Jane Blackburn
M.J. Wilkerson
Donna Phillips
Catie Roche
TAmmy Baggett,chair
2017 Municipal
2017 Regional Rep
2017 CountyRep
Jennifer Sackett, chair
Trina Rushing
Ross Holt
Leslie Mason
Jeffrey Watson, Angela McCauley co-Chairs
Margaret Marshall
Lynn Thompson
Laura Crooks
Laurel Morris
Cheryl Reddish
Patti McAnally
Laura Crooks
Joan Sherif Virginia March
Jane McAllister, Margaret Marshall co-chairs,
**Sponsor/vendor Wrangler
Leon Gyles
Web Development Ruth Ann Copley, Patti McAnally co-chairs
Board Members
Library Type Representatives Marian Lytle-Municipal ; -Regional; -County Board of Directors
State Library Commission — 4 yr term Board of Directors
Harry Tuchmayer 2nd Term ends:June 30,2018
Mary Sizemore 2nd Term ends:June 30,2020
Suzanne White 2nd Term ends: June 30, 2021
NCLive Librarians Council-COI Representative
Ruth Ann Copley Term ends June 30, 2020
NC Live Committees-PL Director Representation
Digital Services Advisory Committee (DSAC) Michael Roche, chair
Outreach, Promotions, Partnership Advisory Committee (OPPAC) No director member
Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) Ross Holt, Jennifer Sackett
Website Advisory Committee (WAC) Melanie Morgan

**Ad hoc